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Temperature Sensor Stays On All The Time

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Temperature Sensor Stays On All The Time

Keeping track of engine temperature is very important with an ATV. This job is relegated to the temperature sensor, which operates an indicator light located on the ATV dash control. Occasionally this temperature sensor will stay illuminated for an extended period of time. Usually this means one of two things – either you have a bad sensor or something came unplugged. Here is the process that you should follow if this is happening to you.

    1. The first step is that you’ll need to remove the seat(s) and then take off the center console.
    2. You’ll then need to find the temperature sensor which is located on what would be a passenger side of a vehicle (the right side when looking at the ATV from the rear). Find the carburetor. Once you find the carb, right under will be a gold-fitted sensor plug that is plugged into the motor. Follow the wire that comes off that plug and about 12 inches down that wire will plug into the wiring harness.
    3. Once you’ve verified that the location of the temperature sensor and wiring harness, make sure that it is plugged into the wiring harness. It is very common that it can become unplugged. If it is plugged in, then you probably have a bad sensor due to the fact that it is not reading any temperature off the motor – which will cause the light to remain illuminated for an extended period of time; even if the motor is cold.

If you’ve checked the temperature sensor and found that it’s plugged in, contact Variety Powersports to determine if we have a replacement part that you need. If we don’t have one, we will point you in the right direction as to where to purchase the appropriate parts

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