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Temperature sensor stays on all the time

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Temperature sensor stays on all the time

Most of the go karts sold through Variety Powersports are water cooled, which allows them to run at a desired operating temperature all the time. However, sometimes the temperature sensor will stay on, even though there is not a problem with the coolant or engine temperature. This is usually a sign that there is an issue with the sensor or that the sensor line has come unplugged. To fix this issue, follow the guidelines posted below.
Remove seats: In order to inspect this issue, you need to remove your two seats and then take off the center console. Once that is removed, you will need to be on the passenger side of the unit and find the carb.
Find the sensor plug: Right under the carburetor will be a gold-fitted sensor plug that is plugged into the motor. Follow the wire that comes off that plug and about 12 inches down that wire it will plug into the wiring harness. Make sure that it is plugged into the wiring harness. It is very common that it can become unplugged.
If the sensor is plugged in, it is likely that you have a damaged sensor which will can be ordered through Variety Powersports. Contact Variety Powersports if you experience this issue with your go kart and one of our sales professionals will help you solve the problem.

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