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Temperature sensor stays on all the time

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Temperature sensor stays on all the time

The temperature sensor is a critical warning indicator that alerts you to a potential problem with your scooter from Variety Powersports. For time to time, this warning light will appear to stay illuminated, bringing up the obvious question; ‘is it the sensor or a major problem with the engine’. Due to the importance of the temperature sensor, it’s important to find out why this is happening so you can fix the issue and potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs. Here is a list of things to check that will help you discover if it’s just a minor issue, or the signs of a major problem.

Remove the Seat: The first step is to check the actual sensor to see if something came unplugged or if the sensor is faulty. To check this, you need to remove your two seats and then take off the center console.

Find the Carb: Once the seat is removed, you will need to be on the passenger side of the unit to find the carburetor.

Located the gold sensor: Directly under the carburetor will be a gold-fitted sensor plug that is plugged into the motor. Follow the wire that comes off that plug and about 12 inches down it will plug into the wiring harness. Make sure that it is plugged into the wiring harness. It is very common that it can become unplugged. If it is plugged in properly, then you probably have a bad sensor that illuminates frequently because it is not reading any temperature off the motor.

If you’ve checked the sensor and fixed it, and the temperature sensor still illuminates frequently, you should call our sales and support team at Variety Powersports quickly, so we can help you with the problem or help find a local certified mechanic who can diagnose and fix the issue for you.

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