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Starting Instructions

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Starting Instructions

The first time you start a new ATV is arguably the most important. Although each engine has been checked and inspected by the manufacturer before it was shipped, your initial starting will be the first with all components attached and working together. Once you’ve successfully assembled your ATV from Killer Motorsports and have a fully charged battery installed inside the ATV, you need to check a few things before engaging the starter. Here is a generic check list of items you should verify before you start the ATV:

    1. Verify that the battery is connected: It’s common for people to install the battery without properly hooking up cables or making a mistake on attaching a positive lead to a negative terminal. Before you insert a key or begin to start the bike, make sure your battery is correctly installed and all wires are engaged.
    1. Verify the gas tank is full of premium unleaded gasoline: Each ATV sold by Killer Motorsports is recommended to use premium grade (minimum of 89 octane) unleaded gasoline. Make sure you do not use mixed or leaded gasoline or other fuel additives – especially for the initial start.
    1. Insert the Key and turn to ‘on’ position: The ‘on’ position is the first click you’ll feel and hear when you engage the key. Do Not press a starter button until all steps have been completed.
    1. Engage the handlebar brake: Make sure that your emergency handlebar brake is pulled in and locked before starting the ATV. There is a safety device built into the ATV that requires that the brakes be applied in order for the unit to start.
  1. Check the kill switch: Make sure the kill switch is not on the position with the half circle with the “X” inside. The switch needs to be on the empty half-moon circle.

After you’ve successfully completed each step above, and in this order, you’ll be ready to start your bike. While sitting on the bike with your foot on the rear brake pedal; press the start button and hold it down until the engine starts. Once the engine starts, release the starter button. If the engine does not start after engaging the starter for at least 30 seconds, refer to the diagnostic section to begin troubleshooting starting issues or contact our tech support team at Killer Motorsports.

August 1, 2018
August 1, 2018
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