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Scooter Maintenance

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Scooter Maintenance

When you’ve just invested in a new scooter, you want to make sure it’s taken care of properly. The way to accomplish this is by completing routine service and maintenance. Believe it or not, maintenance for a scooter is very easy. Posted below are a few basic tips that when followed can significantly improve the lifecycle of your new scooter from Variety Powersports.

    1. Replace Engine Oil After Break-in: Each scooter that is sold by Variety Powersports is shipped to customers with engine oil already inside the crankcase. This engine oil is specifically engineered for the break-in period; which ranges from 50 to 100 miles depending on the manufacturer. It’s recommended that you change the oil in your scooter right after this break-in period. The recommended replacement oil is 10W40, four-stroke motor oil. Here are the instructions for changing your oil for a scooter:
      • Drain Oil from Crank Case: There is a bolt located on the bottom of the scooter that needs to be removed in order to drain the old oil from the engine. Locate the bolt then unscrew the bolt to allow the oil to drain naturally from the engine. Once all of the oil has been removed, replace the engine oil screw to its original location and tighten appropriately.
      • Purchase and Replace Oil: As noted above, you’ll want to purchase at least two quarts of 10w40 four stroke engine oil. It is highly recommended to use NON-SYNTHETIC or conventional motor oil. Do NOT use synthetic or synthetic-blend oil. Most of our scooters take 1.5 quarts of oil, but check with the manufacturer’s recommendations before adding new oil to the scooter. We recommend changing oil every 500 miles on the scooter.
    2. Check Coolant Levels: If you have a scooter that is water-cooled, you need to frequently check the levels of coolant. The coolant collection device is semi-transparent, so it’s rather simple for a scooter owner to check the levels. To find the coolant cylinder, look behind the front wheel through the front fender. Check the coolant level before any extended trip. To add coolant, use distilled water and standard engine coolant for a four-stroke motor.
    1. Check front and rear axles: Another maintenance item recommended for scooters is checking the front and rear axle for tightness. Occasionally these critical components will come loose due to frequent use; especially if the scooter is used off road or on bumps frequently.
    1. Tighten mirrors and handlebars: Like the axel, the handlebars and side mirrors can also become loose from time to time. We recommend checking these items once per month, and tighten as needed.
  1. Change tires: It’s very difficult to recommend an interval for changing tires, but it’s important that you don’t drive a scooter on tires that are cracked or are showing extensive wear. A good rule of thumb is to check your tread depth every 500 miles when you’re changing oil. When the tire grooves are starting to wear out unevenly or if they are worn out, replace them as soon as possible. Also, if you’re noticing that your tire pressure is always low, it’s a good indication of a small leak; and should be replaced – not repaired.

As with any other vehicle, proper scooter maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle for years. If you have any questions about service or maintenance for your scooter, please contact our sales team at Variety Powersports. We’re here to help.

August 1, 2018
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