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Scooter Assembly

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Scooter Assembly

Each scooter sold from Variety Powersports is shipped to customers directly in a secure crate that is designed to protect the scooter during transportation to your home or office. Once you take delivery of your new scooter, there is a process that we recommend for unpacking the scooter and completing the final assembly. As with any of the products we sell, if you’re not 100% confident about unpacking and assembling your new scooter, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process or help find a local expert that can assist you with this task.

Here are the steps for unpacking and assembly for your new scooter:

  1. Unpack the Crate: Remove all bolts from the bottom of the crate that are connected to the top of the crate. Once the bolts have been removed, and the top has been removed, inspect the crate to find a packing list that will document what is supposed to be packed inside the crate. Before removing the scooter, inspect the crate to verify that all items are contained inside the crate that is listed on the packing slip. After verifying the inventory of the packing list, carefully remove all items and place them aside for now.
  2. Remove the Axel Bolt: The next step is to remove the axel bolt that holds the scooter secure inside the crate. The bolt needs to be removed from the side of the scooter, so if you need to, remove that side of the crate so you can easily get to it. Remove the axle bolt, dispose of the nut, but keep the spacer as you might need this to assemble the front tire. Once the bolt has been removed, take the scooter completely out of the crate for easy access to complete the assembly.
  3. Remove the seat & install accessories: There is a trunk that is located on the back of the scooter (on most models we sell). Typically, these are taped down during shipping, but in order to remove it you’ll have to open the lock with the key. They key is usually inside the ignition, but may be contained inside a package in the crate. Once you open the seat, take the battery, mirrors, tool kit and other items that are inside and place them aside. Once you’ve removed all the items, find the instructions for each specific item and install them as indicated on the manufacturer’s directions.
  4. Prepare the battery: The battery that was located inside the trunk of the scooter needs to be installed on the actual scooter. Some batteries are fully assembled and don’t require the steps following. However, if your battery comes with acid, you’ll need to follow these steps. Take the battery out of the trunk and locate the area where the battery needs to be installed. You will poke a hole in each of the 6 battery acid holes and push the battery housing down on the battery acid piece. Once this has been completed, put the battery on the ground facing down and the acid housing pointed up. There is a “pin” inside the install kit, using this pin, “poke” holes in the top of the acid housing. Be careful that you do not accidently get battery acid on yourself, if you do, wash it off immediately with soap and water. When the acid is fully inside the housing, remove the acid housing and put the plug strip on the battery.
  5. Install Battery: Open the seat on the scooter (or sometimes the floorboard on the 50 and 150s) and plug the battery in with the battery bolts supplied. The black plug needs to be installed on the negative terminal on the battery and the two red wires (sometimes just one) on the positive. This will give the scooter power. Do not turn on the scooter yet. Let the battery sit for 30 minutes, it will ensure the battery will start.
  6. Install front wheel: As noted above, if your scooter has a loose front wheel inside the crate, you’ll have to install it onto the scooter. This step is best accomplished by placing the scooter on the stand.
    • Take the front wheel and align the disk to the brake.
    • Place the spacer on the brake side. Once the tire and spacer are aligned to the fork, put the axle bolt through the fork, then the spacer, then the tire.
    • After the axle bolt is through the tire, align the speedometer mounting which also acts as a spacer. Align this to the left side of the tire. The speedometer mounting will have a slit in it; make sure this is inserted into the fork when aligning the other side of the wheel to the axle bolt hole on the fork. When aligned, finish pushing the axle bolt through, and then put the lock nut provided in the bolt back on the axle and tighten the axle bolt.
  7. Add lubricants as recommended by the manufacturer: Follow the instructions provided for adding lubricants including oil and coolant’s (if needed). Most of the scooters we sell already have lubricants (oil and coolant) already added. It’s critical for you to double-check the levels however prior to starting your scooter for the first time.
  8. Add premium gasoline: After all lubricants have been added, and all bolts have been tightened, you are ready to finish the assembly by adding fuel. Variety Powersports recommends that you add only premium gasoline (minimum of 89 octane), as these engines are engineered to run on this type of unleaded gasoline.

If you discover that there are any parts missing from the crate in step one of the assembly listed above, please contact the sales and support team at Variety Powersports before moving on with additional assembly. If you have any questions about any steps above, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We’re here to help.

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