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Pre-Riding Checklist

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Pre-Riding Checklist for Pitster Pro

Buying a new Bike and uncrating it is exciting for anyone. However, like any other mechanical piece, it’s always a good idea to complete a full safety inspection before starting the motor and taking it for a test spin. Noted below is a checklist we’ve created, along with the below infographic that will provide you with a step by step list of items to verify before you start the bike.

    1. Check all fluid levels including; brake fluid and engine oil. We recommend using a full synthetic engine oil after the engine break in process. It’s also a good idea to change brake fluid to DOT 4 or better brake fluid after the break in process.
    1. Check all the nuts and bolts to make sure everyone is tight.
  1. Although we recommend applying Loctite to all the nuts of your new machine, there are a few spots that should specifically be checked. Pay special attention to the following areas:
    • The master cylinder, axel nut and brake pedal bolts
    • Sub frame, chain slider and chain roller bolts
    • Fuel tank, triple clamp bolts and all bar riser bolts
    • Caliper bolts, rotor and spacer bolts
    • All rotor and brake spacer bolts, front brake caliper and fork guard bolts
    • Sprocket bolts and chain guide bolts
  2. Oil the air filter with high quality foam filter oil. Note: it’s important to keep your air filter properly cleaned and oiled to keep your engine running strong.

If during any phase of this checklist you notice something “just not right” with any part of the pit bike, feel free to contact our customer service department at Killer Motorsports and speak with one of our service technicians.

August 1, 2018
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