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My Unit Just Dies When I Come To A Stop

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My Unit Just Dies When I Come To A Stop

One of the most frustrating problems to troubleshoot for an ATV is when you’re driving along, come to a stop and your ATV simply shuts off for no apparent reason. In most cases, you’ll be able to restart the ATV and ride back to your base camp or home before so you can spend some time to diagnose the issue. If you have done everything from checking the gas to cleaning the carb to reading everything in this section, then chances are it’s time for a valve adjustment. The question that many of our customers often ask us is – why?

Typically, when an engine shuts off when it comes to a stop it is an indication of a loss of fuel pressure or efficiency of the fuel/air mix into the combustion chamber. The part of a combustion engine that regulates the flow of fuel/air mix into the combustion chamber is the cylinder intake valves. However, new fuel and air can’t burn efficiently if the previously burned fuel is not properly expelled through the exhaust values either.

Like any moving part, the valves of a combustion chamber eventually become loose and require adjustment. For an ATV, this typically occurs if you have around 1,000 miles on the unit. However, since the adjustment and removal of cylinder head hardware is a complex process, we’d recommend that you contact our sales team for proper vale adjustment specifications and then consult an ATV mechanical specialist to complete this job.

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