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My Unit Just Dies When I Come To A Stop, But Everything Checks Out

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My Unit Just Dies When I Come To A Stop, But Everything Checks Out

Nothing is worse than trying to diagnose a problem when you’ve pretty much checked everything. This situation gets worse when your scooter simply dies and stops running when you come to a stop. Typically this situation is caused by two things:
A fuel delivery problem

An electrical problem

If you have done everything from checking gasoline, cleaning the carb to examining the spark plug wires, plugs themselves and ignition system, the chances are that the problem is related to the valves needing to be adjusted. Typically cylinder valves can become loose on a scooter motor after an extended period of operation. In fact, in most cases, cylinder head valves don’t require any adjustment until they’ve reached 1,000 miles of operation.

If you’ve come to the point where you can’t find any other issues with fuel or electrical that may be causing your engine to quit running when you come to a stop, it’s quite possible that the valves are loose, causing a ‘flooding’ situation of fuel, or the reverse, where they are too tight and restricting the flow of air/fuel or exhaust, causing the engine to misfire and quit running. If this is the situation, contact our sales team to get the proper adjustment clearance measurements for the brand of scooter you have so you can have the valves adjusted professionally; or if you’re comfortable, doing this on your own.

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