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My Trunk Rattles

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My Trunk Rattles

If you’re having a problem with the trunk rattling on a scooter, it’s typically due to a loose fitting trunk or some issues with the inner padding. There are two things you can do to find the root cause and repair this issue that does not require a lot of mechanical experience.

    1. First – check the trunk for tightness: There is a bolt that attaches the trunk to the chassis of the scooter, typically located on the sides of the trunk or on the bottom, inside the trunk and attached under the rear fender. Check to see if this bolt is tight or loose. If it’s loose, simply tighten it up, and it should fix the issue.
  1. Second – check the fitting of the trunk. If you notice that the bolt is tight, but the trunk continues to rattle, it’s probably due to the edge of the trunk simply not fitting securely to the frame. To fix this, remove the trunk, apply some thin weather stripping where the trunk sits on the edge of the frame and reinstall the trunk. This will apply a tighter seal and should solve the issue.

If the above two suggestions don’t fix the problem, it is possible that the trunk is damaged due to a fall, accident or other situation. Check with your manufacturer to see if this is covered under any warranty, but most likely this will be something you’ll have to fix through a local scooter shop or order a replacement unit from the manufacturer. If you need help finding replacement parts, contact our sales team at Variety Powersports.

August 1, 2018
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