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My Speedometer is Not Working Correctly

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My Speedometer is Not Working Correctly

The problem of a speedometer not working on a scooter is actually more common that one might assume. The speedometer for a scooter is typically located near the front wheel and is attached by a wire going into the wheel. Occasionally, especially when the scooter is used on bumpy roads, this wire will become loose or fall off completely; in which case, the solution for fixing the broken speedometer is rather simple. However, there are situations when the fix is not as easy to find or fix. Noted below are a few steps you can take to check issue with a speedometer and solutions to repair the issue.

First check the speedometer wire going into the wheel for a proper fit. To accomplish this, you’ll need to unscrew the wire, pull the wire out, then put it back into the housing and make sure it goes in smoothly. As we indicated above, sometimes the speedometer wire can become loose or simply come off track and provide a false reading or no reading at all.

Check the front fairing: If the above solution does not fix the problem, then you will need to take the front fairing off the scooter and unplug the speedometer wire from the back of the speedometer. Then plug it back in and make sure it is secure.

Inspect the wire attached to the speedometer: The only other possible issue causing a speedometer to not work correctly is if the wire attached to the actual speedometer is malfunctioning or does not fit correctly. Check under the handlebars where the wire attaches to the speedometer to determine if this is the situation. If so, reattach the wire correctly.

If it still does not work, then you have a defective speedometer. Contact our sales department at Variety Powersports and we’ll find you the right replacement speedometer for your scooter manufacturer. We have a direct line with manufacturers and can order parts from them quickly and at affordable pricing.

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