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My Remote is Dead

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My Remote is Dead

One of the best perks of owning a new scooter is having a remote starter. However, like any other battery powered system, the remote’s battery will eventually drain and stop working. You’ll want to want to fix the problem sooner rather than later; due to the fact that the remote starter contains memory for the specific frequency of your precise scooter. If you don’t replace the battery soon, the starter can lose this memory and you’ll have to take it to a repair show to be reinitialized.

To replace your battery inside the remote, find a small screw driver (usually a Philips) and remove the screws on the back of the remote.

Find the battery, typically lying flat on the front side of the remote and note the size or model number of the battery. Before removing the battery, purchase a new battery from a store or parts supplier.

Once you have a replacement battery, remove the old battery and replace with the new one, making sure to place it with the right side facing down (usually the + symbol).

Replace the rear cover, insert screws and retighten. Test the remote battery to ensure it works.

Fixing a remote that is dead is rather simple as long as it’s the battery. However, if the remote has been dropped or run over by accident, it can damage components that are not possible to fix. If you discover problems with your battery, or the remote starter, and need a new remote, contact our sales team at Variety Powersports and we’ll be able to direct you on where to buy a replacement remote.

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