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My Go Kart is Leaking Gas Into the Intake

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My Go Kart is Leaking Gas Into the Intake

It’s very rare that this situation will occur, but occasionally we receive phone calls or emails when the owners go kart is having problems running. Most of the time, starting issues on a go kart is caused by problems with the fuel or electric system. In this case, gasoline is leaking into the intake manifold which causes a rich situation and eventually causes the motor to shut off or bog.

The problem with gasoline flowing or dripping into the intake manifold is caused by float bowls in the carburetor being stuck or that the carburetor has a clogged jet. In order to repair this issue, you’ll have to complete a full carburetor clean. To access this process, please review the section below on how to clean a carburetor, and watch our video that will walk you step by step on how to complete this process.

Posted below are instructions on how to clean your carburetor for go karts sold through Variety Powersports:

  1. To clean your carburetor you will need to take the carb off the go kart. Typically there are 2 to 4 screws on the bottom of the carb you will need to remove.
  2. After removal, make sure you have clear access to the float bowl and the carb jets. The jets look like two gold screws with holes in them. Unscrew the carb jets and make sure nothing is clogging them. Your float is usually white and you will need to make sure it moves up and down freely.
  3. Clean the bottom inside of your carburetor and the bottom of the bowl with carb cleaner and this should remove most of the debris.
  4. Reassemble your carburetor, reattach to the go kart, reconnect all hoses and cables and test fire your scooter to verify there are no leaks.

This video below shows you the inner workings of the typical carburetor that is used on most of the go karts we sell at Variety Powersports. Review this video to see what the parts look like and for tips on cleaning and adjusting your carburetor. However, it’s also important to remember to ONLY use premium gasoline; especially after cleaning your carb.

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