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My ATV is Leaking Gas Into the Intake

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My ATV is Leaking Gas Into the Intake

The ATVs that are sold through Variety Powersports are smaller cc-displacement engines with two distinct fuel systems; carbureted or fuel injected. Typically the problem of having your ATV leaking gas into the intake manifold is reserved to carbureted engines. When this occurs, it means the floats are stuck or you have a clogged jet. The solution to this problem is to clean the carburetor, fuel lines and supporting fuel system parts.

Posted below are instructions on how to clean your ATV carburetor :

  1. To clean your carburetor you will need to take the carb off the ATV. There are usually 2 to 4 screws on the bottom of the carb you will need to remove.
  2. Once you remove these you will have access to the float bowl as well as your jets. Your jets look like two gold screws with holes in them. Unscrew your jets and make sure nothing is clogging them. Your float is usually white and you will need to make sure it moves up and down freely.
  3. Sometimes your floats can get gummed up and get stuck so they are stuck open. Clean the bottom inside of your carburetor and the bottom of the bowl with carb cleaner and this should get out most of the residue.
  4. Reassemble your carburetor, reattach to the ATV, reconnect all hoses and cables and test fire your ATV to verify there are no leaks.
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