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I can’t get spark on my pit bike

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I can’t get spark on my pit bike

In order for fuel vapor to ignite, there needs to be an efficient flow of electricity to activate the spark plug. However, from time to time, the current is blocked, either due to a problem with the ignition system or the spark plug itself. Below are the steps to take in order to fix the issue of a spark not igniting inside the combustion chamber.

  1. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder block.
  2. Place the loose spark plug back in the ignition coil, then hold the ignition coil with the plug inserted and touch the spark plug to a bolt on the engine block.
  3. Attempt to kick start the pit bike and see if you notice a spark at the end of the spark plug as you apply pressure to the starter. If you have an automatic starter, you can accomplish the same task by pressing the start button.
  4. If you don’t see a spark coming from the plug, replace the old plug with a new spark plug (recommended for your pit bike) and retest. This test will determine whether or not the missing spark issue is related to the spark plug or other electrical component. If you’ve completed this test and still don’t see a spark coming from the plug, double check all electrical connections including the plug wire connection to the ignition coil, kill switch or cdi. Repeat this step after checking each individual component. If still no spark, proceed to the next step.
  5. If you’ve checked all connections, tried multiple spark plugs and don’t notice a spark coming from the plug that is placed next to a metal bolt, unplug the kill switch from the electrical box on the pit bike and reattempt.

If after the above steps you still don’t notice a spark coming from the plug, it’s likely one of three component failures – the cdi, ignition coil or the starter assembly. At this point, we’d recommend calling our support team and finding an authorized pit bike mechanic to fix the issue.

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