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How do I Clean My Air Filter?

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How do I Clean My Air Filter?

The air filter is considered the lungs of any combustion engine. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that it remains clean and serviceable as often as possible. For a scooter sold through Variety Powersports, a clean and efficient air filter can mean the difference between smooth and long-lasting operation, and having a scooter that eventually breaks down.

Cleaning an air filter on a scooter is a simple process as indicated below.

First – remove the air filter. On the left side of the engine is an air intake box. It usually has 6 screws. Take the screws out and the filter will be exposed. Remove the filter and place on a work bench or clear space that allows you plenty of space to clean the filter.

Clean the filter with water or Compressed Air: There are two ways to clean an air filter for a scooter; either though water or compressed air. If you wash the filter with water it is critical that you let it dry completely before placing it back onto the scooter. Cleaning an air filter with compressed air is recommended if you’re in a hurry and want to complete the job without delays.

Replace the air filter: Eventually, your air filter will wear out, regardless of how often you wash or clean it. It’s a good idea to replace your air filter every 3,000 miles or every six oil changes. When you need to buy a new air filter, Variety Powersports has multiple in stock and available at very affordable pricing. Visit this page to check out our inventory of all replacement parts for scooters.

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