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Go Kart Assembly Guide

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Go Kart Assembly Guide

Most go karts are nearly fully assembled when they are shipped to customers in the United States. However, there are a few small assembly procedures that need to be completed by the customer in many cases. The installation guide posted below is for the Hammerhead GTS150 Go Kart. However, most of the go karts sold through Variety Powersports have nearly identical assembly instructions. Use this as a reference but always follow the manufacturers recommended steps for assembly and proper break in procedures.

  1. Completely unpack the crate: The first step is to remove all objects from inside the crate. This will include the go kart, additional parts, instruction manuals, and any support tools and equipment inside the box.
  2. Organize all contents on the floor: It’s a good idea to keep all components that were inside the crate organized in sections outside the crate. This will help you find parts easily and reduce the potential of misplacing parts.
  3. Prop the go kart with a lift of sturdy and balanced stand
  4. Install suspension: Remove the shock prop rods and replace them with the rear shock. Tighten all bolts. Then, mount the front shocks in the front A-arms. Place the bottom of the front shock into the front A-arm control. Tighten all bolts.
  5. Install all wheels and tighten bolts to recommended torque pressure.
  6. Install steering wheel and place steering wheel cap in the insert when completed.
  7. Install the roll cage.
  8. Install the gas tank, mount fuel and air lines as directed on instruction sheet.
  9. Install reflectors and side fenders.
  10. Mount the seats to the frame and put the straps around the seats
  11. Add recommended gasoline to the fuel tank, fill all fluids and retighten all bolts a final time.

Once you’ve completed the installation process, make sure you triple check all bolts for tightness and that all fuel and air lines are secure. Complete the start-up procedure as recommended by your manufacturer and also complete the break-in process as recommended. If you have any issues during your assembly or have unpacked your crate and are missing any parts, please contact Variety Powersports before proceeding with the assembly.

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