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Full Throttle Bogs Down Go Kart

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Full Throttle Bogs Down Go Kart

One of the most frustrating situations for a go kart owner is when they hit the gas to full throttle and the engine bogs down. Believe it or not, this is a very common problem, especially when people travel to higher altitudes. If you live at higher altitudes, you’ll have to change the jets inside the carburetor. It’s best to contact a local go kart mechanic for advice on fuel set ups at higher altitudes.

When living at sea level or below 3,000 feet, the issue is usually caused by an issue with the air/fuel mixture. In this case, when you apply full throttle, too much fuel enters the combustion chamber and the spark simply can’t burn the fuel. This is a simple fix. Listed below are the steps you need to complete to make this adjustment to the carburetor.

Remove the carb: The most common way to take the carburetor off the go kart is to remove 2 bolts off the top of the carb and take the top off carefully because it is spring loaded.

Remove the top and the spring, then remove the slide in the carburetor.

Adjust the bleed needle: Put the needle through the slide. Make sure you don’t lose the clip that secures the needle. There will be a c-clip on the needle; move this down one notch. This is adjusting the fuel/air mixture. As you move the c-clip down, it leans the motor out, moving the c-clip up will richen the motor with more fuel.

Once you are finished, reassemble everything and test the go kart to see if this fixed the bogging issue. If the problem is worse, you’ll have to adjust the bleed needle in the other direction, however, this is very uncommon. If it does not clean up, contact a local mechanic for professional help or call our team at Variety Powersorts for technical support.

August 1, 2018
August 1, 2018
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