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Break In and Maintenance

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Break In and Maintenance

Proper assembly and break in and routine service will ensure a long life for your go kart. In many cases, the go kart will have most of the parts put together for you before it arrives to your home. When you first get your go kart, if it is one that is liquid cooled, make sure that your radiator fluid is filled up to full. Your go kart needs to have a 50/50 mix of recommended radiator fluid with distilled water. So, make sure you mix it properly before you fill it.

Once all fluids have been checked and the go kart if fully assembled, you’ll want to initially start your go kart engine. You should always run your engine for about 10 minutes and let the engine heat up and then refill your radiator unit to ensure the radiator unit is full. As the engine runs, coolant will fill the tubes and inside the motor. Also, when you run your engine, the heat will run out the bubbles that can be in your lines. This is why you will need to add more fluid.

Proper tips for the Break-In Period: You’ll need to take it easy on your unit for about 30 consecutive minutes. Just do easy riding and resist the urge to apply full throttle or ride the go kart rough. The gaskets need to heat seal and if you “hammer down” on your unit when you first get it, you’re engine will have an enormous amount of pressure build up and you can blow a gasket, which may void any warranties.

After running your go kart for about 30 minutes, you should retighten all bolts and nuts. A good idea is to purchase some blue Loctite and apply on all major bolts, especially suspension parts that hold engine components together. This will help to protect the bolts from coming loose at the wrong time. It’s also recommended to tighten every bolt after your first three rides.

Maintenance Tips: You will want to change your oil about once every 10 hours of riding. The unit will hold 2.25 quarts of oil. We recommend running 4-Stroke 10w40 oil. After about an hour of riding, you’ll want to check your chain and make sure that it is tight. Usually within the first hour of riding, the chain will loosen and you’ll need to tighten it sometimes. The chain adjusters are located on the axle; adjust these until the chain is tight. Check this every so often after you finish riding to ensure the chain is tight. A loose chain can jump the sprocket, break teeth on the sprocket, and if it breaks then it can snap to your engine and bust your case.

As long as you stay on top of replacing motor oil, checking coolant fluid and adjusting your chain, the go kart should work fantastic for many years. Obviously, make sure to replace your battery and tires as needed. If you need any assistance or have questions about go kart accessories and replacement parts, contact our sales team at Variety Powersports.

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