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The ATVs that we sell at Killer Motorsports are engineered with high-quality parts and are mostly assembled directly by the manufacturer or our top team in the warehouse. However, in order to keep shipping costs down and to ensure the structural integrity of all moving parts, many of our ATVs require the end customer to put together the final pieces to complete assembly. Listed below are the general assembly instructions for most of the Chinese-built ATVs sold through Killer Motorsports.

  1. Completely Unpack the Crate: Open the top of the shipping crate and remove all of the protective wrapping from the interior of the crate. Once the protective wrapping has been removed, take out all tools, wheels, and racks. Place them in a separate area away from the shipping crate but easily accessible for assembly. Once the crate has been emptied, take the ATV off the bottom of the crate and set it on the ground.
  2. Attach the tires and wheels: To put on the tires you will need to prop up one side of the ATV with a jack stand and mount one side of tires/wheels at a time. You can also use a multipurpose jack stand to hoist the ATV up completely if you’d like. Once the first side tires and wheels have been installed, complete installation of the remaining two wheels.
  3. Install support racks: Once the tires have been mounted, and properly torqued to the manufacturers recommended pressure, you should then attach any racks if your ATV includes them. The bolts and mounting hardware will be included in the tool kit if applicable.
  4. Install Handlebars: Most of the ATVs sold at Killer Motorsports will have the handlebars packaged inside the crate and need to be assembled. To accomplish, unpack the handlebar mounts that are located in the tool and assembly kit. Follow the specific directions supplied by the manufacturer for proper mounting of the handlebars. *NOTE: Make sure to properly center and tighten handlebars to the manufacturers recommended pressure for safety and better riding experience.
  5. Install Battery: As each ATV manufacturer is unique, the installation instructions for batteries will be specific to the brand and model of your ATV. Follow the directions supplied for proper battery installation steps. *NOTE: It is recommended that prior to use, that you charge the battery for a minimum of 24 hours. Failure to complete this important step may result in inefficient operation and charging of the battery or premature wear.
  6. Add Lubricants as recommended by the manufacturer: Follow the instructions provided for adding lubricants including oil and coolants (if needed).

If you discover that there are any parts missing from the crate in step one of the assembly listed above, please contact the sales and support team at Killer Motorsports before moving on with additional assembly.

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